Parkour involves continuously moving through an area and overcoming obstacles by running, jumping and climbing.

Please inquire about Parkour programs through Emily Dancy, Club Director.

Programs Offered

Parkour Foundations – mandatory for new students (ages 6+)
This is a 5 week mandatory program for all students new to parkour. This program will focus on safety techniques, landings, basic movements and jumps. The introduction will cover level 1-3.

Parkour Skills (ages 6+)
Program for students that have previous experience in parkour covering skills level 3-5

Advanced Parkour (ages 8+)
Program for students in level 5+ that will include advanced skills and intense conditioning. Athlete must be assessed for level 5 skills before enrolling.

Open Parkour (ages 15+)
Purchase a 8-class punch card to use the gymnastics facility to practice parkour skills valid through the Fall session Sept–Nov